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Big Sixty provide consultancy and professional services to enable our clients to make best use of technology for maximum business impact.


Vision & Planning

We can help you interpret your business requirements and define a vision for your business productivity transformation - we then work with you to plan how to make the vision a reality. We ensure correct alignment of technology to the business needs, and that the adoption of the productivity platform is foremost. 

No-code solutions

If you're investing in Office 365, SharePoint or Power Platform (PowerApps, Flow) we firmly believe you should be leveraging the products to the fullest extent and avoiding costly custom development. By configuring the products and using add-ons we believe you get the strongest ROI.

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Prototyping & buy-in

We believe that nothing is quite as tangible as a system that you can interact with. There is no better way of quickly arriving at the right solution and getting buy-in from stakeholders accross the business. Coupled with structured workshops, presentations and review cycles our approach will help ensure success!

Assurance & Oversight

We appreciate that bringing in expertise full-time for the duration of your transformation can be expensive, sometimes all you need is some assurance that your on the right track and not painting yourself into a corner - we can do just that!

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Big Sixty is a consultancy and professional services company, based in the East Midlands, specialising in business productivity solutions on Microsoft technologies such as SharePoint and Office 365. We enable our clients to make best use of technology for maximum business impact.

Matt Groves is the Principal Consultant at Big Sixty and has been working in the Microsoft Business Productivity arena for over 12 years, and in IT for almost 20 years. The specialism around Business Productivity and Information Worker/Knowledge Worker solutions is born out of a passion to help clients make effective use of their technology investments to solve business challenges and to deliver tangible benefits. With a broad and deep understanding of the business productivity space, Matt is recognised in the industry as a leader in his field, is frequently invited to speak at conferences and sit on expert panels. Experienced in several verticals and strongly referenceable in Legal and Financial Services, Commercial and Public Sector.

"Working with Matt is always a pleasure; his deep technical knowledge coupled with a detailed understanding of many business verticals makes him a useful person to call upon in pretty much any situation"

"I worked with Matt on a number of occasions and found him to have an uncommon mix of deep technical expertise, excellent interpersonal skills and a good grasp of the client's business needs"

"Matt is a highly respected and experienced Microsoft Consultant who will go the 'extra mile' to ensure the solution designed and delivered to the customer meets all the expectations and more! He is very professional in dealing with customers and colleagues alike and a major asset to have in any Project Team.

"I've worked with Matt on and off over several years. He's someone with excellent knowledge about his subject (Sharepoint). He listens carefully to your requirements and produces detailed complete results that make a real difference when you are facing business problems"


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